About ERA

ERA is the faculty association of the Erasmus School of Philosophy, founded in 1986. ERA organizes events for all those associated with the faculty: students, employees as well as alumni. Some activities are targeted at an even wider audience. Regular events are monthly drinks and pub lectures, where an interesting speaker gives a talk about a subject that they are passionate about. In addition to that, ERA organizes study trips, film nights, study and work related events and more! Members of ERA get a discount on their textbooks and receive faculty magazine Twijfel twice a year. You will also be able to become an active member by joining a committee or applying for a position on the board!

28th board

Become an active member of ERA and organise study and/or career-related events with other philosophy students! Being an active member will teach you many skills, but above all else it's a lot of fun to work together with your fellow students.

To keep everyone happy, guarantee quality education and make everything run smoothly a few representative bodies are active at the Erasmus School of Philosophy. The representational committee is an overarching committee wherein students from all representative bodies come together.

Our partners are of vital importance to the association. They provide the foundation upon which many events are built. ERA is partners and friends with many companies within and outside of Rotterdam.