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28th Board of ERA



Toine Spoormakers – Chair

Hii, my name is Toine and this academic year I will be fulfilling the role of chair(man). If somebody told me at the start of my study that I would one day be the chairman of ERA, I would not have believed them. And now three years later, while I identify with the alienating term “senior student”, I’m very much looking forward to starting this year. Even though I will be responsible for the roles often associated with chairmanship, I will try to prevent being seen as “the boss”. My aim is to support the transcendence of individual board positions, and getting my board members as much spotlight as the chairman traditionally does.


Max Pijbes – Internal affairs

Hello everyone, my name is Max and I am excited to be performing my duties as commissioner Internal Relations in the twenty-eighth board of ERA. This means that I will be concerned with the formation of the committees. In addition, I will be the node in between ERA and the Faculty. Lastly, like my fellow board members, I will also be taking on some of the external relationships which ERA has. I'm looking forward to a year in which hopefully we will have to see each other a little less as abstracted pixels. If you have any questions, nice ideas or comments, don't hesitate to email me at [email protected]


Margot van Baarsen – Treasurer

Hi! I am Margot van Baarsen and this year I’ll be ERAs treasurer. In other words, I’ll be responsible for the accountancy of our association. In spite of the boring character of accounting, I’m hoping to make the next year exciting for everyone. I’m hoping to continue and strengthen ERAs position as a binding force. I want to make everyone feel welcome at ERA and create beautiful memories of fun events and new friends this coming year! So I hope to get to see you all soon! Oh and don’t forget your receipt ;)

Oh en vergeet niet het bonnetje 😉

Jonas Vos – Secretary

Here he comes, the se-cre-tary. If there is one place where this function is highly praised, it must be the Communist State. But is the power of Jonas Vos equal to that of Joseph Stalin or Xi Jinping? Not certain. Is he still on the same side of the ideological spectrum? Well... an alternative lecture of Das Kapital might still be there, but in secretarial practice, with all these facebooks, Instagrams and googling tools, it seems like Silicon Valley is the one that is kept satisfied. With a bit of luck, Jonas might transfer some ERA-members from the data-hungry Whatsapp to the open source-minded Signal, but calling this the first step of a revolutionary plan might be a bit too much.