Become an active member of ERA and work with other philosophy students to organise study and/or career-related events with other philosophy students! Being an active member will teach you many skills, but above all else it's a lot of fun to work together with your fellow students. Here you'll find an overview of the function and composition of all committees in the academic year of 2020 - 2021.

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Academic Committee (ADAM)

The primary task of the academic committee is to provide academic support to all different types of philosophy students. They do this by organizing study sessions for (mainly) first-year courses. In addition, they maintain the inter-esse buddy system and the study drive. There is also room for organizing events such as debates, reading groups and film clubs. 

Members 2020/2021

Chair: Katharina Solita Puškaš

Secretary: Mark van Loon

Treasurer: Jonas Vos

General members: Stefanie Ramjan, Kas Molenaar

Board member: Aniek van Kaam


From left to right: Jonas, Solita, Aniek, Kas, Mark, Stefanie

External Relations Committee

The goal of the external relations committee is to collect a budgeted amount of money by offering our members products and events of (philosophical) high quality. This is traditionally done by organizing book auctions and selling merchandise. This past year we have added the sale of instax-photos at events, the making of an almanac and maintaining our pen pals initiative.

Members 2020/2021

Chair: Raoul Titulaer

Secretary: Margot van Baarsen

Treasurer: Maud van Deuveren

General member: Aretti van Druten

Board member: Anina Vliegen


From left to right: Aretti, Anina, Raoul, Maud, Margot

Cultuurcommissie (CULT)

The ‘cultural committee’ has been tasked with enriching ERA culturally. This is done by hosting various cultural events like expositions, and evenings where philosophy can be discussed. Besides events, they are free to add some culture to ERA in any way conceivable. This is a low-effort committee, meaning you will not need to have weekly meetings.

Members 2020/2021

Chair: Max Pijbes

Secretary: Anisha de Vries

Treasurer: Marjolein Dudink

General members: Sofie Neuteboom, Iza Bakker


From left to right: Marjolein, Max, Iza, Anisha, Sofie

Evenementencommissie (EVA)

EVA, also called the event committee, will make sure that there are some fun events once in a while. The events by EVA are organized to be fun. In this committee you will think about events yourself and you will make sure that it runs smoothly!

Members 2020/2021

Chair: Elma Wichers

Secretary: Robin 't Jong

Treasurer: Berdien Meijer

General member: Zara Keijzer

Board member: Mandy Hendriks

From left to right: Berdien, Mandy, Elma, Zara, Robin

Education Committee

In the education committee you will share your passion for philosophy with elementary schools. you will offer schools a 4-week module developed by ERA, and arrange for students to teach them. This committee is low-effort, meaning you will not need to have weekly meetings.


More information about the modules and becoming a tutor >

Members 2020/2021

Chair: Victor Hijzen

Secretary: Azra Cutic

Treasurer: Lianne Enkhuizen

General members: Tom Matthijssen, Sten Petersen


From left to right: Lianne, Tom, Azra, Victor

Philosophers At Work Committee (FAW)

The Philosophers-At-Work (FAW) committee will take on a slightly different form this year than it did previously. Aside from hosting four teaching moments for the course ‘Filosofisch Atelier’ (a course only offered and mandatory to full time students) focussed on showing different career paths to the philosophers of the future, committee members will be organizing working visits as well as lectures to find out what has become of previous graduates. Furthermore, this committee will be responsible for contact with the ESPhil alumni and stimulate students to join (voluntary) initiatives in Rotterdam.


Members 2020/2021

Chair: Anne Fleur Hoctin Boes

Secretary: Jules van Beurden

Treasurer: Max Giezen

General member: Toine Spoormakers

Board member: Stijn Voogt


From left to right: Anne Fleur, Max, Toine, Jules, Stijn

Travel Committee

Do you love to (plan out your) travel? Are you always the one dragging your family places on holiday? If so, you might be interested in our travelling committee! If not, you still might like to join anyway! A year with the travelling committee will guarantee you to gain or improve these skills. We organise two trips every year to destinations within Europe, packed with ERA fun and philosophical insights.

Members 2020/2021

Chair: Annabelle Vroone

Secretary: Jorne Douven

Treasurer: Ian Enserink

General member: Alyssa Oedit

Hilde van Hemert: Hilde van Hemert

Board member: Georgios Tsimarakis


From left to right: Ian, Georgios, Jorne, Annabelle, Hilde, Alyssa


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