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Become an active member of ERA and work with other philosophy students to organise study and/or career-related events! Being an active member will teach you many skills, but above all else it's a lot of fun to work together with your fellow students. Here you'll find an overview of the function and composition of all committees in the academic year of 2020 - 2021.

Want to join a committee? Send an email to [email protected] 

Academic Committee (ADAM)

ADAM, or, the ‘academic committee’, has the primary goal of organizing academic support to all different kinds of philosophy students. This is achieved through organizing study sessions, maintaining the ‘inter-esse’ buddy system and the ERA study drive. There is also room for organizing book and/or film clubs. At last, they will provide us with the alter-canonical support by organizing debates and lectures about non-canonical themes. 

Members 2021/2022

Chair: Caspar Smink

Secretary: Thomas Kloos

Treasurer: Josephine Hartmann

Board member: Jonas Vos

From left to right: Josephine, Thomas, Caspar, Jonas

External Relations Committee

The external relations committee will provide ERA with different kinds of possibilities to support the association in a creative manner. This could be by selling merchandise, organizing book auctions, putting together an Almanak or shooting pics with a Polaroid camera on events. 

Members 2021/2022

Chair: Georgios Tsimarakis

Secretary: Toine Spoormakers

Treasurer: Matthijs Hoorn

General member: Emma Ligthart

Board member: Margot van Baarssen


From left to right: Matthijs, Toine, Georgios, Margot


Cultural Committee (CULT)

CULT, or, the cultural committee has the primary goal of enriching the members of ERA with cultural interests, mainly focusing on Rotterdam. This is achieved by organizing for example expositions of young upcoming Rotterdam artists, or visiting museums. Besides these examples, CULT is free to think of other ways to enrich the cultural expertise of ERA’s members.

Members 2020/2021

Chair: Dominic Milder

Secretary: Rasmi Bolk

Treasurer: Anina Vliegen

General member: Gergana Boncheva


From left to right: Anina, Rasmi, Dominic, Gergana


Event Committee (EVA)

EVA, or, the ‘event committee’, organizes fun events, just for ‘gezelligheid’! In this committee you’ll have the freedom to organize events of any kind which make sure this goal is accomplished. EVA organizes one event per month, which can be of philosophical or non-philosophical kind.

Members 2021/2022

Chair: Zara Keijzer

Secretary: Ilse Pieroen

Treasurer: Stella Oort

General member: Joshua Tuinenburg

Board member: Margot Van Baarsen

From left to right: Ilse, Joshua, Zara, Stella, Margot

Lustrum Committee

The Lustrum Committee has the primary goal of celebrating the 35th year of existence of ERA. This will be celebrated with a big, multiple day event, which this committee will be organizing together with students, alumni, brother- and sister associations and the staff members of ESPHIL. This celebration will be seen as a kind of philosophical festival, which this committee has the freedom of filling in. 

Members 2021/2022

Chair: Mandy Hendriks

Secretary: Raoul Titulaer

Treasurer: Wolf de Kreij

General member: Berdien Meijer

Board member: Max Pijbes


From left to right: Berdien, Mandy, Raoul, Wolf, Max


Education Committee

In the education committee you will share your passion for philosophy with elementary schools. you will offer schools a 4-week module developed by ERA, and arrange for students to teach them.

More information about the modules and becoming a tutor >

Members 2021/2022

Chair: Naomi Tuininga

Secretary: Kas Molenaar

Treasurer: Wessel Pannebakker

From left to right: Naomi, Kas, Wessel


Travel Committee

This coming academic year, it is finally possible for the travel committee to organize their traditional two journeys. One small trip, and one big trip. This committee purely focusses on organizing these trips.

Members 2021/2022

Chair: Umima Atsoli

Vice-chair: Annabelle Vroone

Secretary: Alyssa Oedit

Treasurer: Vere Lammers

Board member: Toine Spoormakers

From left to right: Annabelle, Alyssa, Umima, Toine, Vere


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