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Representative bodies

To keep everybody happy, retain the quality of education and to make sure everything runs smoothly there are a few representative bodies you can take part in at the Erasmus School of Philosophy. The representational committee is the overarching committee in which students from the varying bodies discuss the current affairs. Below you can find a description of these committies and bodies.

Representational committee

The representational committee consists of members from all representative bodies that are working for the Erasmus School of Philosophy: the University Council, the Faculty Council, the Education Committee, the Student Council, and the Faculty boardThis group is joined by one member of the board of ERA This committee meets a few times per year. During these meetings the committee members update each other about the progress of the body in which they reside. This offers the chance to hear different opinions from those involved. This way all bodies have the same information and they can prevent miscommunications. By working together much more can be achieved.

Faculty council

The Faculty Council is an important representative body of Erasmus School of Philosophy. The Faculty Council discusses the general affairs of the faculty with the dean. The dean informs the Faculty Council about the policy they implement and regarding policy intentions for education, research, finances, personnel and organisation.

The Faculty Council has the right of approval, information and advice. The Faculty Council has the right of approval regarding determining and changing the faculty regulations, components of the education and examination regulations and in the event of a proposed reorganisation. The right to information means that the Faculty Council can request information at all times from the dean regarding policy and policy intentions. Finally, the right of advice gives the Faculty Council the authority to make proposals and viewpoints known regarding all affairs that concern the faculty. The Council comprises eight members, half of whom are selected from the staff and half of whom are students. The council meetings are public.

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Education committee

The Programme Committee (PC) of Erasmus School of Philosophy is the representative body primarily involved with education. This committee has the right of advice and approval. It issues annual advice about the proposed curricula and assesses annually whether the current programmes are feasible for students. The Programme Committee monitors the implementation of educational evaluations and makes proposals to improve educational quality. It also organises study days about education and quality improvement.

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University council

The core of the University Council, as elected representatives of the Erasmian community, begins with visionary work, taking initiative and creative action to implement change. Our members work together, and with the Executive Board and policymakers, in a solution-oriented and responsible manner to make a positive impact.

Energetic and dedicated, the University Council strives to create an environment where Erasmians of all levels can excel and connect through learning and development.

The purpose of the University Council is representing the community, creating an inspirational and sustainable work and study environment.

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Student member of the Faculty Board

In the faculty board of the faculty of philosophy a student is present, which makes the faculty unique. The rest of the board consists of the dean, the board secretary, the education officer and the research officer. The student who is present in the year of 2020-2021 is Sofie Neuteboom.

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