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Our partners are of vital importance to the association. They provide the foundation upon which many events are built. ERA is partners and friends with many companies within and outside of Rotterdam.

Proeflokaal Faas

Proeflokaal Faas is the very definition of 'gezellig', a brown pub in the north of Rotterdam and the most fundamental partner of ERA. This is where most of our events, most importantly the pub lectures, take place.

Wenneker Cinema

Wenneker Cinema in Schiedam is where we organize a film night every fourth Tuesday of the month. Here a film will be accompanied by a short philosophical introduction by a student or teacher.

Boekhandel Donner

Donner at the Coolsingel is a place where you'll find many a philosophy student browsing for books. Donner is one of the reasons why our faculty magazine Twijfel finds its way to your mailbox twice a year and a regular co-host of our events.


SQ:CultureHub is a café, stage, gallery and store in Delfshaven. Here we organise gatherings of a wide audience to engage in philosophical discussions called 'philosophy nights'.

One of our sponsors is, where students can order books with a discount. The code for this can be found here.

Want to become a partner?

Send an email to [email protected]