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ERA is here for you not only to provide you with social events, but also support you both academically and practically. To do this, we organise study sessions,maintain a Study Drive or Buddy System and offer you a discount on your textbooks, but we also try to help you prepare for your future as a philosophy graduate. To do this we organise FAW-sessions and offer you opportunities to gain experience within ERA as a committee or boardmember, by joining Twijfel or Jonge Twijfelaarsor outside or ERA at alumni-days, work visits and internships



October 2021

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  • ERA Weekend
  • ERA Weekend
  • Philosophy Night and "Rituals".
  • Committee Interest Drink
  • Publecture w/ David van Putten
  • Filosofie & Film: Climax
  • Halloween Party

ERA Pen Pals

Back in the day, philosophers wrote each other letters to share their deepest thoughts and feelings. Over time, this has turned into us sending mostly quick and short text messages to each other. How fun will it be to bring the writing of letters back in our time?

With Pen Pals, two philosophy students will be matched. They can write about anything they want, like hobbies, daily business and/or of course philosophy. These letters can hopefully form the basis for a good friendship.

There will be a formula soon that you can fill in. This will allow ERA to connect you with a fellow philosophy-student so that you can start writing your first letter.

Coffee-Half-Hour at the ERA office

Every weekday, from 12:30, ERA offers you a Coffee-Half-Hour, please feel free to come take a look at the era office to and have a chat! It is located on J5-31, on the 5th floor of the Bayle building of Erasmus University.


The ERA Discord Server! We hereby hope through this platform that we can get to know each other a bit better. You can always go here to play a game with someone!

Find the server here:


ERA wants to support her members in their studies. To do so, the Academic Committee organises study sessions every block and maintains a Study Drive where students can share notes, recordings and summaries. On top of that we also offer a small discount on your textbooks.

Inter-esse Buddysystem

Study Sessions

No upcoming study sessions as of now.

Ordering books

As a student you are already entitled to a discount on Dutch textbooks at Through us you can also get discount on international textbooks! Click on the button below to generate your discount code, this way you will get 5% discount on international study books .

Is your discount code not working? There are a few reasons why this may be happening:

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Support ERA and order books by using the following link!

Koop bij

ERA's Academic Committee maintains a Google Drive for all philosophy students. By archiving all summaries and lecture notes in a clear overview, we hope to make studying easier for our members. This way, all students can hopefully complete their Bachelor in Philosophy succesfully. Feel free to add your own documents to help others!

The Academic Committee started this drive in 217. In 2019 they, specifically Clement Bezemer with the help of Jaap-Jan de Wit, renewed the drive to have a user-friendly and safe interface.

For questions about the Study Drive, send an email to [email protected].

Click here to enter the Study Drive.

Terms and conditions:

  • Users may only upload content that they own or have permission to share.
  • When users upload content to the ERA Study Drive, they thereby grant unlimited usage rights to this content. The ERA Study Drive is authorized to multiply, reproduce and offer this content to other users. This right also includes the publication of the content.

In practice

Besides socially and academically, we also understands the importance of supporting our members practically: to prepare you for life after graduation. ERA members can already use and improve their talents with positions on a committee or boardbut also by joining Twijfel or teaching children with Jonge Twijfelaars. To also prepare you for a philosophical career outside of ERA the Philosophers At Work (FAW) committee organizes sessions where alumni talk about what they've done with their philosophy degree, alumni-days, work visits, and the occasional internship.

Philosophy is work: everyone who has ever attempted to read Hegel knows this. Still, this mental labour seems to be hard to apply in practice. The conceptual nature of philosophy can create the illusion that philosophers only work in their own theoretical bubble, far away from reality. By connecting students with the practical field, the FAW committee wishes to show that this is not the case at all.  

The Philosophers-At-Work committee shines light on an often overlooked aspect of the study of philosophy, namely philosophy as a future job. We do this by introducing students to the job market in various ways. Every year we organise four FAW-sessions, where we focus on philosophy graduates and their working lives. Furthermore we organise other work-related events such as work visits, and help with your search for internships or extracurricular activities. Though students are currently our priority, we also organise events for alumni. An example of this is the "alumni-day", a reunion of sorts. These events are also great opportunities for current students to practice networking and learn from these working philosophers. 

To conclude: we can't help you with reading Hegel, but we can help you to put mental labour in a practical perspective. To do this, we would love to hear what you would like to see from us: what would you like to do with philosophy after you graduate? What would you like to know more about? Let us know by sending an email to [email protected] or by following our Instagram page and sending us a DM!


17 November 2021
  • Nationale-Filosofen-Aan-Het-Werk-Dag

    17 November 2021  18:00 - 22:00
    Theil Building


    ~ This event is in Dutch!

    Werk en filosofie zijn voor veel niet-filosofen onverenigbaar. Filosofie wordt door hen veelal gezien als theoretische bezigheid: uiterst interessant, maar in de praktijk moeilijk – al dan niet onmogelijk – toe te passen. Immers, wanneer vind je nu een vacature met als titel “filosoof gezocht”? Toch toont juist deze afwezigheid van vacatures waarom filosofie zo waardevol is.

    Filosofie kan namelijk niet gereduceerd worden tot een beroep, noch kan ze volledig gevat worden in een functieomschrijving. De veelvoudigheid van filosofie overstijgt dergelijke beperkingen. Hetgeen maakt dat filosofen overal terecht kunnen komen. Om dit te vieren organiseert de FAW-commissie een Nationale-Filosofen-Aan-Het-Werk-Dag. Op 17 november zijn alle studenten, docenten en alumni uitgenodigd om zelf te ervaren waar en wat filosofie je allemaal kan brengen. Laat je inspireren door o.a. Daan Rovers, volg een workshop naar keuze, oriënteer je op de toekomst met een bezoek aan onze job fair en sluit de avond af met een borrel!

    Het belooft een leerzame en gezellige avond te worden met o.a. Daan Rovers, Leon Heuts, Esther Didden, Hiske Versprille, Danique van der Hoek, Aleid Bartmentlo & Hanneke Rozenmuller!

    Schrijf je alvast hier in: Tot dan!

    Datum: 17 november
    Tijd: 18.00 – 22.00
    Locatie: CB1 (Theil Building - Erasmus Universiteit)

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