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Faculty magazine Twijfel

Twijfel is the magazine of the Erasmus School of Philosophy. 'Twijfel' means doubt; which is what philosophers do. The majority of this magazine is in Dutch, so it's a great way to practice your Dutch! The magazine is published in print twice per academic year. The articles are assembled by a group of student editors and written by students, professors and various external authors.

As an editor of Twijfel you encounter all facets that come with publishing a magazine. You take part in editorial meetings and think about themes for future editions. Depending on your talents and interests you can write articles, contact external authors, conduct interviews and or take part in the final editing. There are also opportunities to work on the design and illustrations of the magazine.

By participating as an editor, you learn to work together as a team, you develop your network within and outside of the faculty and you gain experience with creating a creative product: you learn to plan and meet deadlines. Another benefit is learning how to make philosophy interesting for a wide audience.

Twijfel is open to experienced authors as well as young enthusiasts. Do you love writing with a passion and do you want to show us what you’ve got? Have you never worked at a magazine but would you love to try? Then Twijfel is looking for you!

For any questions, remarks or suggestions related to the magazine, the editorial board or your subscription, contact the editor in chief at: [email protected]

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