Academische Commissie

Welcome to the Academic Committee of the Philosophical Faculty Association ERA - ADAM! We organize inspiring activities to ignite your intellectual curiosity. From engaging lectures to interactive workshops, ADAM offers you the opportunity to explore your academic interests and exchange ideas.

Events Committee

Welcome to EVA, the Events Committee of the Philosophical Faculty Association ERA! We offers activities of non-philosophical nature to help you unwind and have fun. From Escape Rooms and paintball to relaxing afternoons of jeu de boule, EVA has something for everyone.

Sports Committee

Welcome to the Sports Committee! At SPOCO, we keep our members active with a variety of sports activities for all levels. Whether you're an athlete or just looking for fun, we offer everything from tennis and squash to thrilling afternoons at SnowWorld.

Travel Committee

Welcome to Reisco, the Travel Committee of the Philosophical Faculty Association ERA! Escape the academic routine and join us on two unforgettable journeys each academic year. Whether it's a grand expedition or a cozy getaway, Reisco offers the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation. Explore new cultures, make lifelong friends, and create memories that last a lifetime.

Cult-Lit Committee

Welcome to Cult-Lit, the Culture and Literature Committee of ERA! Dive into artistic exploration with us through immersive book clubs, enlightening museum trips, and more. Celebrate creativity, make lasting connections, and ignite your curiosity.

External Committee

Welcome to the External Committee of the Philosophical Faculty Association ERA! Explore our unique merchandise, from stylish apparel to practical accessories, designed to showcase your ERA pride. Each purchase supports our mission and contributes to the growth of our association.